Thursday, September 20, 2007

Errol & Hedwig

So...I knit Errol for one of my really good friends, Frankie, for his birthday. Shortly after, I knit Hedwig from the same pattern for my husband's birthday. Both were from the pattern for Errol out of Alison Hansel's Charmed Knits . A great little book with some solid patterns. Oh, and Hedwig is "knitting" the first project that I completed using dpns. I feel like I have conquered! I am still a fan of using 2 circular needles to knit in the round instead of dpns, but I felt like I just had to know that I could do both. But I digress. (Though I suppose that is sort of the point of a blog...) The owls were surprisingly fast and I discovered how fun it was to knit "toys". I'm really happy with how both turned out and even happier that they have new owners who really like them.

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