Friday, September 14, 2007

I process... I knit. Things that are going on in my life at the time. Major events always have memories of what I was knitting at that time. The project portrays my mental process in dealing with sorting through feelings, emotions, ideas. Each stitch is another piece that I try to put into place in my life. Sometimes when things go awry in the knitting it creates more for me to process. Sometimes its because things in my life are going awry that the knitting tangles. But inevitably I'm able to piece things together. Yet I always worry I won't be able to. Even after I have finished the project, I still worry that it will come unraveled. I fear the frog pond in life and in knitting. And yet I have been there more than once. Having to take out so much of what I've worked so long to put together all for naught. And yet I must find patience. I knit to try to find patience. I knit to stitch my life into something that makes sense. I knit to share the small treasures of peace I create with those I love.

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