Sunday, September 30, 2007

Stitch Witchery

So here's the first slip stitch pattern I have done. It is also from Charmed Knits While the knitting of the bag was fun and easy, it took me awhile to figure out how to sew the insert. I really wanted to have a fabric and vinyl lining. Since I'd spent so much time knitting, I wanted to make sure the bag was well protected. I figured vinyl would prevent any make-up mishaps or anything else leaking and staining the actual knit bag. After a few attempts, I was finally able to figure out how to sew a box (via sewing machine) and then sew it onto the knit bag (via hand stitching). I also added a lace bow...which I think added just the right touch. I absolutely love this bag, and am so glad I took the time to figure out how to sew vinyl. It is so great because it is big enough to fit everything I'd need in my purse, plus a journal, plus a small knitting project, and there's still space inside! Yet, somehow, it is still not too ginormous to carry around everywhere. I'm really happy with the colors I chose, both grey and black are Red Heart (love how cheap it is!) and I can't quite remember what the burgundy or cream yarns were. It was fabulous...I actually didn't buy any yarns at all for this project. They all came from my stash. Oh, I also tweaked the facing. I couldn't quite get the slip stitch pattern right, and I didn't like that it was supposed to cover half of the inside of the bag. I wanted to show off the vinyl. So, I tweaked it and am really happy with how it came out. This is definitely one of the projects I have done that I LOOOOVVVVEE using!!!!!!

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Andrea said...

I just found your blog!! Yeah! I love love love this purse. I am just learning how to knit. Well, to be fair I started almost 2 years ago but I keep putting it down and then having to refresh my memory. I think I need to be a little more consistent in order to really pick it up. Anywho, great bag!