Tuesday, January 29, 2008


So I really have no excuse for the extreme delay between posts. But thankfully I've had some recent inspiration to get back to blogging. So, here is my latest completed project. It was a Christmas gift for my mum. I have really been enjoying knitting stuffed toys. Though I'm not necessarily a fan of assembling all of the small pieces, they sure do knit up really quickly, and they're fun to stuff. So...as I strive to provide pattern information for all of my completed projects...here's where you can find the pattern. I found the pattern while on vacation several years ago when Matt & I went to Solvang. As you can tell, I made some adjustments (all of the yarn came from my stash in an effort to save money). I try to visit a knitting shop whenever I travel, and I'm hard pressed to walk out of the shop's doors without a souvenir.


Andrea said...

He is super cute. I think you will have to give me some knitting tips while we are up there. I definitely need a figurative kick in the pants when it comes to knitting lately.

Amy said...

Haha! Your crochet is awesome though!!!