Monday, April 28, 2008

A Sheep from the Stash

So...I've really wanted to make a point to post projects that were finished on this blog...not so much "in process" stuff. And I tend to get most knitters I know...there is no such things as having only one project in the works at a time. I think the current count for me is something around 5. Which doesn't make blogging finished projects regularly friendly. Anyway, here is a sheep I recently finished (I LOVE sheep). I tweaked the pattern a bit from the original and am pretty happy with the results. The yarn to make this little guy came out of "The Stash" (which is where I often get sidetracked). You can see SOME of The Stash in the photo with Wesley. Though I've moved almost every year for the 6 years that I have been knitting, the stash only grows. Where it all comes from I'm not even sure...those mega savings at yarn store sales I just can't pass up, the random great find at a yard sale, the leftover yarn from finished projects. I've had many yard sales, lots of stuff going to the Goodwill, even more getting thrown out, but The Stash is something just too dear to me to part with. It thrills me when I find just the right project that I don't have to spend money on...since I already have everything I need. And now with little fingers and little toes coming along, I am hopeful to find even more Stash-friendly projects. I optimistically hope those random balls of yarn turn into the perfect baby toy. I have dreamed for a long time of using up the entire Stash on one single blanket...perhaps someday I'll get to it. But for now, I'm just happy that our little boy (that's right...It's A Boy!) has a sheep waiting for him, and that it didn't cost me a penny. Satisfaction.

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Andrea said...

It is just adorable! What a sweet little gift for a sweet little boy!