Saturday, May 17, 2008

My New Favorite Needles

So I started a shrug pattern from Peony Knits (a fantastic free pattern) on my Clover Bamboo US 7's, only to find out that Wesley had thoroughly chewed through them. So, I headed off to Fanciwerks Yarn Shoppe here in Apple Valley (sorry, no web site available for the store, otherwise you know I'd link it). I was thrilled to see that they had Fiddlesticks needles (as seen to the left) in the circular variety. I have used their straight needles before, and I just LOVE them. After knitting only 25 rows I can easily say their circulars have become my favorite. Super smooth, the plastic tubing is seamless and super flexible. No more tugging on knitting to try to get it onto the needle, no more wonky cord that sticks out at odd angles. These needles are GREAT! After a quick Google Search, Tangle is the only online retailer I have found. I haven't ever shopped there, but their site seems pretty cool. Here is the link, though, for the distributor's listing of U.S. retailers, by state (where the photo I posted came from). Happy Knitting!

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