Sunday, September 14, 2008


I can't believe it's been one year since my first post! And what a year it has been. Filled with transitions and trials, uncertainty and upheaval but also blessings and beauty, life and love. The women's Bible study I attend has just started up again and we are going through Captivating this fall. So far it seems to be filled with great insight into Biblical Womanhood, but I wish there were a stronger presence of scripture throughout the study. One of the Study Guide questions had me thinking, though; "Describe the desire for a beauty to unveil." I realized that for me it is the desire to trust someone enough to be vulnerable enough to reveal pieces of myself. To hope, desperately, that they find those pieces fascinating and attractive. I also realized that this idea carries itself out throughout most aspects of my life. Including what I knit. I desire that others find what I can do with two needles and yarn fascinating and attractive. I struggle with seeing the imperfections in my creations and am so thankful that God does not work the same way. That He does not look at His creation and focus on how flawed I am. That He loves me for who I am, who He has created, flaws and all. Each day I spend with my son my understanding of that truth deepens. Beauty, hope, and love move into the foreground while late nights, poopy diapers, and loud tears dissipate into the background. Sacrificial and unconditional love takes on a whole new meaning when you have kids. It is a wonderful and fascinating place to be.

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