Friday, November 14, 2008

A Knitters' Dream

I found the perfect solution for my enormous stash.

Want to see a little bit more?

And now for the big reveal...

...Ta-Da! (Sorry for the poor image quality...I couldn't quite fenagle a way to get a good shot of the whole thing.) So here is the treasure I found at Ikea. It's a little frame that is quite sturdy, with slots for four baskets. And they stack. Every time I look at it I smile. I've had it for a couple of weeks. It still makes me smile. For awhile my stash was spilling out of plastic drawers (kind of like these). But then baby came and we needed the drawers for him. So my poor stash was tossed into a bunch of trash can bags. Now it is properly displayed in all of its glorious splendor. And it actually has a chance to arrive at its true calling of being used. Hip-hip-hooray!


Andrea said...

I have yarn stash and drawer envy!! Mine is stashed all over the apartment in every available space. I have to show this to Shane because he probably thinks I have too much (I usually agree) but now I am thinking that mine is mild and could use a good bust. ;) See ya tomorrow at the holiday boutique!

Matt said...

I must confirm that she does in fact smile every time she sees it. I look over sometimes to see her giggling to herself with a big grin on, and ask "what's making you so happy?!". She then points to the closet and says "THE STASH!"

linda lu said...

Hi Amy! Just made my way over from Andrea's blog. It was great meeting both of you today at the boutique. Thanks for the great trade. I will be visiting your blog again just to say hi and see what's new. Feel free to do the same.

Gabrielle said...

Hi Amy!

I met you at the Craft Faire at HDC over the weekend. I was interested in the camo beret. Love the blog! My hubby and I moved here in 2005 from OC too! Small world! Hard to get used to the climate though. Chat with you soon!