Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bound To Be A Better Bind Off

So I was finishing up a pair of booties from MadCowDog (so cute, and such a great pattern) and I just wasn't getting the bind-off as loose as I'd like (I kept thinking of how chubby Ryken's legs are getting, and envisioning other babies' poor little chubby legs getting squished by a too-tight bind-off). I found this video of the suspended bind-off along the way, and it definitely loosens up the bind-off. But one technique I found that I like even better was this one from Y2Knit ("Tips From Jill...Great Sock Bind-Off"). Definitely was the loosest one I found. And kind of gives the booties a cool finish too. Stay tuned for Sneak Peek Pics!

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