Saturday, January 24, 2009


I designed the pattern for this soap sachet with a little help from Super Stitches Knitting. It is a great stitch dictionary book that has very clear photos and directions for lots of stitches. The book came in handy for a past project, and it proved helpful for this project too. I chose a simple lace stitch and a ruffled edge. I wanted it to be nice and thick, but still lacy so the soap suds had little "escape routes". I tried creating a braided cord for the tie, and a crochet chain, but I think the little ribbon is a better finishing touch. I plan on designing more of these and listing them in the shop, so keep an eye out for them. Until then, I've listed a few additional dischloths. I'm working on creating a solid inventory for spring, and these little soap sachets will be part of that. I'm very happy with my first soap sachet design, hope you like it too!

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Matt said...

While the photo looks great, this thing looks even more amazing in person. Slightly dainty with all the frills, but a very high quality assmebly. I'd expect to see this in some rediculously high priced bath store that only movie stars can even afford to walk into.

Nice job! :)