Friday, January 9, 2009

Where Have I Been?

It has been nearly a month and this is the entirety of the knitting that has happened (hence it being nearly a month since my last post):

I would say it's shameless, but I don't think it really is. I have been having too much fun with so many other things. You can see in the photo part of the reason knitting hasn't happened. I've been too wrapped up in the kitten that has recently been added to our little family. We just found the perfect name for him tonight (drum roll please): Vega. Named after the character in Street Fighter because he jumps around so much and has claws. And likes to attack. Yet he is one of the cuddliest cats I have ever met. He fits the Wikipedia Backstory of Vega to a T: "a dual personality: honorable nobleman by day, sadistic murderer by night".

On the video game note, I have also found myself rather occupied with my Nintendo DS, which I hadn't picked up in quite some time. Matt bought me Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise and Guitar Hero: On Tour. Both are excellent games and it has been a lot of fun taking advantage of my DS again.

Another reason not much knitting has been done: Twilight (it was too riveting to be able to knit while reading). The first book was on my Amazon Wish List and the in-laws got it for me. SUCH a great gift. I finished the first book in a day or so, bought the other three and flew through those too. Still haven't seen the movie, but I hope to soon. So I've been engrossed in that too. Oh, and my new hobby: quilting. Here's my first finished quilt:

There are more quilt photos, documenting the whole process, along with descriptions, on my flickr page. Hmmm, and what else happened amidst these new things? Oh yeah! Christmas! Lol. You can check out images of that stuff on my flickr page too. And on Matt's blog.

So, all in all, I've been very busy with everything BUT knitting, which has actually been kind of nice, considering how much pre-Christmas knitting I did. Good to have a break now and then. But I definitely feel myself slowly falling back into the normal routines of life, which will hopefully result in more frequent posts. Until then, all the best!

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Robyn said...

He is super cute and I love the name!