Friday, February 6, 2009

Not So Dull Anymore

I absolutely love my Fiddlesticks Needles, especially my short US 7 straight needles. I love them so much that I wore the tips down to nubs. This pair of needles is what I use for all of my knitting with cotton yarn (for dishcloths and the new soap sack (which will appear in the shop shortly)). So, last night I took a risk and tried to sharpen them myself. It went well. Phew! It's hard to tamper with a favorite, but it was just getting way to tough to tackle any stitches other than basic knit or purl ones because they were so dull. So I used these:

to sharpen my needles. Yep, that's right. The sharp points you see below are the result of using my little Hello Kitty pencil sharpener, a nail file, and some candle wax, in that order. It worked out better than I had hoped. The candle wax I used was from the Aromatherapy Interventions line which my brother had a hand in creating. So now my sharpened needles smell fantastic to boot. Now, back to using those needles to stock my Etsy shop!

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