Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What A Trip

This past weekend we took Ryken to meet his great grandmother who lives in Los Osos. Ryken was such a little trooper. He did fantastic on the way up, but the next day, on the way home he was not a happy camper. That's right, it was a two day whirlwind. But we made a last minute decision to break up the trip home on Sunday night by staying at Mom Mom and Pop Pop's house, which I'm very glad we did. We had a really good time visiting with all of the families this weekend, but it is nice to be back home and into the swing of things.

While in Morro Bay we stopped by The Cotton Ball. It is a wonderful little store with knitting, quilting and sewing goodies in abundance. Matt gave my mom and I each $50 to go on a "shopping spree". It was so fun! You can see all of the quilting goodies I bought here. That's right...I didn't buy anything knitting oriented. Quilting is now rivaling knitting for my time. And for the time being it is winning. Here are my mom, Ryken and myself outside the cute shop.

I used to make sure I hit up a knitting shop on every trip I went on. Somehow that fell by the wayside. After having so much fun, I'm definitely going to have to take that up again. Though I think I'll amend it to be a knitting or quilting shop. Here is a photo of one of those stops I took in 2005 when we celebrated Thanksgiving on the East Coast with Matt's mom's family.

I think I mostly picked up knitting notions at that shop (sheep tape measure, stitch markers, pom pom maker, etc.). Matt's mom (that's her with me in the photo) was kind enough to buy things for me at the shop too and give them to me for Christmas. Now is that a great gift or what!?!

Another note about the photo, I knit the turtleneck I'm wearing. I bought the yarn in Fresno a number of years ago while I was in town for a wedding. I think it was this store. The yarn is Cascade 220 Tweed #7619 and I used this free pattern. I hadn't purchased enough yarn (lesson learned), so halfway through I ordered the rest of the yarn online, I think from the Woolie Ewe (I checked but I don't think they carry that yarn anymore).

Although I am not typically a fan of road trips, after revisiting the fun memories I have had at all of these shops, and perusing the Quilt Sampler magazines I picked up this weekend, I'm afraid I may be rethinking my position. Provided I get to continue my shop hopping wherever we go.

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