Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A History of Hand Knitting...and a Quilt Project

A couple of months ago Matt's parents gave me this book for my birthday. It is a wonderful book packed full of information on the history of knitting (as you could probably guess from the title). It has lots of great images and it has been fascinating to look through it and see how much fashion has changed over the last few hundred years. Knitting is typically portrayed as an old fashioned craft, but as I look from the book to my stash, my knitting seems so modern. So many new and different colors and textures, softer lines and a much less formal feel. I can't help but speculate what knit items will look like another hundred years or so from now.

On a quilting note, I have finished the bath mat! (I used Sew Liberated's directions as a jumping off point). I am very happy with how it turned out, and pleased with the addition to our bathroom. Though technically a knitting blog, I've decided to post a photo here, since I'd already mentioned it. You can see more images of the bath mat, and other quilting photos here, if you are interested.

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