Saturday, March 14, 2009

Soap Sachets

As promised, the soap sachets have finally made their way into the shop. I have had such fun making these, I intend to stock the shop with more of them, and I will probably start really using them as gift items too. Here is one that I gave to a friend a few months back.

I am absolutely loving the prototype. I have been SO impressed at how much lather it works up. I find that using the soap sachet with a bar of soap out lathers even a shower gel! Now to me, that's impressive. I keep thinking of ways to alter the design for another option, but stop myself because the one I have already designed seems so perfect.

It's funny how much having a baby makes you really appreciate all of the small things. Like showers. Showers used to be almost a nuisance to me, taking my time away from all of the other things I could be doing. Now they are like mini retreats. One of the few times I have a couple of minutes to myself. So I suppose it's no surprise that my knitting now seems to be primarily focused on bath time items. lol. I hope you are able to find the mini retreats that are there in your life, and savor them.

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Marcia said...

Hi Amy,
Cute soap sachet and I love your bath mat. I met you at HDC's Christmas show and just found your card, so I wanted to check out your blog. You're very creative. I'll be checking back often.