Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bread Bag

I am really looking forward to a trip to San Diego we have planned for this weekend. Our little family will be spending the weekend with some of our really good friends, and I am so excited. In preparation, Matt is smoking some meat & cheese (that man is gifted at using a smoker...gifted, I tell you...gifted...) and I have been baking bread. So far I have two loaves of whole wheat, one loaf of cheese bread and one loaf of sunflower seed bread. Tomorrow is my day to make a ton of white rolls to make sandwiches out of the smoked pork Matt is working on. Yes, working on. See, smoking meat is like baking bread, or knitting, in its own way, "It's done when It's done" is the slogan. I think we once had some meat smoking for over 24 hours. Good times. Anyhow, I whipped up this little bag from a pattern I found on Ravelry ("Grrlfriend Market Bag"), which will be super helpful to transport all of the bread. (As for the yarn I used: the green is Sugar'n Cream and the off white is Peaches & Creme. Both great cotton yarns, and I am glad I chose to use them for this bag.)

market bagbench bag

And here it is filled with the 4 loaves I have made.

bread bag

It stretches a TON, which is perfect for what I need. It will also be great for trips to our local Farmer's Market. Last time Ryken and I went we came back with this fantastic loot.

farmers market

Ahhh the wonder of stretching.

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