Saturday, July 25, 2009

Baby Pants

A good friend of mine recently had twins, a boy and a girl, and for the longest time I just couldn't figure out the right homemade gift for them. Something knit? Quilted? Sewn? I just couldn't figure it out. Then I ran across some pink camo, and now, after making these, I can only home the new momma is cool with the camo.

camo pants

I used this pattern, and made the smallest size, which they may be able to wear in a couple of years. While I was at it I made Ryken some shorts from the same pattern.

cowboy shorts

I had some cowboy fabric left over from this project. And while on that note, I'd like to take a moment to show just how much taking a class can seriously help, as opposed to just kind of winging it. Here's how I hand-finished that seam.

hand stitching

Yikes. And here's how I finished the seam for the pants (and shorts).

a better seam

Granted, it is definitely a different type of seam, but you can still get the idea. Oh, how much that class helped! And here's my little cowboy in the shorts.

lil cowboy

What's that in his hand? A book, of course! Oh, how that boy loves books.

book worm

For now, his books are in a couple of baskets that he loves to peruse.

lil reader

It's exciting to see him start to flip through the pages on his own. They still end up in his mouth, but he seems to love looking at all of the pictures a bit first now. Oh, how quickly they grow.

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Marcia said...

Amy, the camo pants are adorable, and so are the shorts. I'm the mom of identical twins, and I always loved getting clothes that looked alike but were different colors. Even though your friend has boy/girl twins, I'm sure she's going to love the pants. Thanks again for the wonderful pincushion!