Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Emmeline Apron

I have been having so much fun sewing the Emmeline Apron! I have really enjoyed Meg's blog for some time, and her patterns are fantastic. Incredibly thorough and very clear, I never felt lost. Ever. And I am not super-sewing-savvy. I finished up this apron on Friday, and I am really looking forward to putting it to good use. With how much I love baking, I'm sure it won't be long.

circle apon

I just love the fabrics I found for it. I bought them at a home fabric store in Victorville for $2.50 a yard. I had been hoping to take a trip to M & L in Anaheim, but it just wouldn't fit into our schedule (their cotton fabrics are $1.69 a yard). Oh, how I love the affordability of both stores.

Thanks to Matt, I have some fun photos that not only capture the apron, but also a bit of the process of trying to take pictures of it. Here is the other side of this (reversible) apron.

pick up time

lift off

star apron

Now off to go do some baking in it!

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Robyn said...

Super cute! I can't believe how big Ryken is getting. We need to get together sometime soon and catch up!