Friday, August 28, 2009

Mini Quilt

I think all kids have a particular item that they grow really attached to. Mine was a Pound Puppy that my brother gave me when I was 6. It saw me through camp trips, sleep overs, bad dreams, stomach aches, and all sorts of things. I loved it so much that I wore the stuffing right out of it's neck. When I was a little older, I attempted to re-stuff the poor puppy, to no avail. I think Ryken's item, at least for now, is this quilt that I made for him several months ago. He cuddles up with it wherever it is, in his crib, on the living room floor, in his laundry bin, etc. and he throws a fit when I try to take it away. He squeals and giggles as soon as he grabs it, and he doesn't let go, even after he's fast asleep.

california roll

It is the perfect size for him, although I have been wishing I had one a little smaller, so that it would be a bit more transportable. He's been having a rough go of it at the nursery at church, and Matt and I were thrilled that he made it all the way through the service last Sunday. But I'm thinking that having a little blankie to tow with him might help him find some comfort. So I whipped up this little guy.

mini quilt

It is roughly 15" by 19" and I'm in the process of making another full size quilt out of all of the other squares I have from those same receiving blankets. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will do the trick.

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