Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Adventures In Rag Quilting

I have been having fun learning new quilting skills, thanks to some great You Tube videos. You may have noticed that I now have a links list of tutorials on the left margin of Knit Me Pieces. It is a great resource list of things I have found helpful in my knitting and quilting endeavors. My most recent experimentation has been with rag quilting (the link under tutorials "Basic Rag Quilt" has a series of great instructional videos). So far I am having lots of fun. Here are a few of the reasons why:

*all of the fabrics I am using are soft flannels
*you get to quilt the squares before they're all put together
*the batting is flannel
*you quilt the squares with a super simple "x"
*Ryken (and Vega) had the best time playing with all of the squares today (a major bonus for this Mama)

Here is some evidence of the last reason.

rag quilt five
rag quilt two
rag quilt one
rag quilt four
rag quilt three

Though I had to wait until after Ryken was in bed to "officially" lay out the squares, I had so much fun watching him play with them. I am constantly amazed at how much joy he brings into my life. Hopefully these little homemade bits will make him smile for years to come.

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Thats so Awesome!