Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Finally! Another Giveaway!

As promised, I'm finally doing a giveaway. Though it's a bit early for the holidays, judging by the distance between my giveaways I think it's best I do a holiday theme giveaway now. I'm guessing the next one might not roll around until after the new year. I can't believe how busy life is with a toddler! I'm currently working on a new hat for Ryken (love the chilly weather we're having but I need to make that kid a hat!) and I thought it would be fun to giveaway a hat too. I've pulled this from my Etsy shop in order to give it away to one of my readers.

Chenille with Candle

Giveaway is for the beret only, sorry, candle is not included.

This beret is quite soft, hand knit from a cranberry red chenille yarn. Suggested size is for infants 6 to 18 months, circumference for the part around baby's head is about 15". Hand or surface wash, lay flat to dry. In order for a chance to win leave a comment in this post about what one of your favorite aspects of the holidays is. I will select the winner on Tuesday November 3rd (thought that would be appropriate, seeing as how that is Election Day) at 9:00pm (PST). So, if you would like a chance to win, be sure to post your comment before then. Good luck!


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Hi Amy,
I've missed your posts. This little hat is adorable. You're so talented. I've started a blog too (finally) but I still have lots to learn. I'm not sure if I have a favorite thing about Christmas, but I love the fact that in spite of all the commercialism, it still bring attention to Christ's birth. I also enjoy my kids enjoying Christmas. That's always wonderful too.

Amy said...

Thanks for your comment, and your blog link! I've added it to my Google Reader. :) I hope to get back into posting regularly, I couldn't believe I'd let a whole month slip by!

Amy said...
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flynflower said...

How adorable! I am busy working on a crib blanket for a friend that is having a little boy in april. I am crocheting it and man it is taking me hours and hours, but it is worth it. Her husband is in Arac and their money is sparse so I have been making lots of baby things, burp cloths, diaper pads, bibs, blankies, etc. and adopted this little family from our church. My grandkids live in Maryland and I miss them so much. So now I have a little one coming into my life. I am so excited!