Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Star Quilt

Posts have been sparse around here due to the fact that our little household just can't seem to be rid of the germs. One (or more) of us has been sick since early November. So there has been lots of down time and snuggling under lots of blankets. Here is one quilt that I finished up several months ago that is now used often.

ryken and the star quilt

finished star quilt

close star

close binding

close back

star back

The fabric for the quilt top came out of my stash, except the border, which came from Walmart, as did the binding and backing fabric. I used this pattern for the quilt top, but changed the borders. The top seemed to come together very fast, but the quilting took a bit longer, probably because this was my first major attempt at machine quilting. Matt was kind enough to design the star pattern to quilt on each block (Oh, the benefits of being married to a designer! Thanks babe!). I cut the stars (both small and large) out of template plastic and traced them with this wonderful pencil. Once the stars and border pattern were all drawn on and the quilt was pinned, around and around and around it went in my little machine. Though it is far from perfect, I am really happy with the end result and have already spent many hours tucked under this little (51" x 59 1/2") quilt.

I hope you are finding warmth, comfort and joy...and not finding those pesky germs.


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

The quilting is wonderful Amy. I'm so impressed. I'd like to make another quilt this winter. I hand quilted the last one, and I don't think I want to do that again. I went to Wrightwood's quilt show this weekend and just posted some photos from there. I looked for you at the Christmas Craft Fair but I guess you didn't have a booth.

Amy said...

Thank you for the great compliment! Your photos of the Wrightwood show were wonderful! How great to see those lovely quilts in person! I was disappointed that I was unable to do the HDC craft fair, but we just had one too many things going on this year. Hopefully I'll be able to have a table next year. Thanks for looking for me. :)