Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gifted :: Violet's Vest

Over the next week I'll be doing a bit of catch up around here. The holidays are well over, the gifts have been gifted, but I have yet to post about them here. First up is this little vest for a very sweet little girl. Though it wasn't exactly a Christmas present (more of a birthday present - which just arrived 4 or 5 months after she was born) I'm going to included with the "Gifted" series.

vest front

vest back


Pattern was from this book (yet again...I'm telling you...this book is the best!), made with this yarn in Cherry. And that matching little button? From a Button Swap I did on Ravelry. So perfect. I hope the vest is enjoyed as much post-production as I enjoyed making it. I am so excited, I get to see Violet this weekend! She really is one of the sweetest babies ever (her Mama is amazing, too!).

See you tomorrow with another "Gifted" post!

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Andrea said...

You are so sweet! Violet does love it! I am bringing it this weekend so that you can enjoy it too! ;) I am so amazed at your knitting skills and have to confess that when this little amazing vest arrived in the mail it actually made me want to try and knit again. P.S. Did you see the post from Amanda Soule today with that baby made me think of you. Hugs!