Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What's For Dinner :: Intro

I have decided to expand this blog even more. Inspired by your helpful input back in June I decided to add sewing and quilting (and some other craftiness) to this space. As I mentioned I have been posting daily snapshots here for the last month (and a bit longer on Facebook). I have enjoyed the experience, but I haven't enjoyed feeling like I'm just a little bit too diversified in my virtual endeavors. So, I'm consolidating all of my blogging/posting/updating/etc. here. Knit Me Pieces is now my one-stop-shop, if you will. (Past daily snapshot posts will remain on curtisgallery, but in the future they will be here). I hope you enjoy the expansion!

The first year I was married I expected that somehow I would become Suzy Homemaker. I didn't. And I felt like such a failure because of that. Over the years I have come to see homemaking as something genuinely enjoyable rather than something I "should" do. I started really cooking when I had my son, in large part because eating at home instead of eating out made our tight budget livable. And also because I wanted family dinners to be nourishing (at least most of the time). The thing I have found to be most helpful in having what I cook turn out well is a really good, fairly simple recipe. I enjoy experimenting and it is truly a delight when a new recipe becomes a "repeat" recipe. So, I thought I would use this space to document the repeat recipes. Unfortunately I can't post the actual recipe, but I will sure tell you where the recipe came from, and link to where you can find it, if possible. In parting, I thought you might like to see some of my fondest kitchen photos. Most, if not all, of them you have probably already seen before, but I thought them fitting for the kick off of my blogging about cooking. Hope you enjoy!

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