Saturday, May 8, 2010

Birdie Slings

I have recently fallen in love with Amy Butler's Birdie Sling pattern. So much so that I have made three of them.

blue sling
birdie sling applique
blue interior
All of my fabrics for this one came out of my stash, but I did buy all of the interfacings necessary for the pattern.

floral exterior
floral interior
I made this one for Mom Mom for her trip to Europe (figured it would come in handy). Fabrics came from a local Home Fabrics store.

beaded exterior
close beaded
beaded interior
I made a second bag for myself from fabrics I picked up while shopping for fabric for Mom Mom's bag. And the interfacings for this one were quite hodge-podge. I really enjoyed beading this bag, and I think it adds just the right touch.

I am pretty sure that there will be more Birdie Sling sewing in my future. It is a wonderful pattern with great instructions, is fairly easy to put together, and it is an amazing tote.

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