Friday, May 7, 2010

Cloth Diapers

fuzzi bunz

A couple of weeks ago we made the switch to cloth diapers. When I really thought about how much money was going into disposables and when I saw how many diapers we threw away every few days I really wanted to try cloth. I watched countless You Tube videos, read lots of reviews, and gained insight from some knowledgeable friends. We ended up going with FuzziBunz and I am very pleased with the diapers and how they are working for our family. I bought three large diapers at this store while we were in Fullerton, and I bought one size diapers from this store online. Both had exceptional service. The diapers are so easy to use, it really doesn't add that much laundry to what I already do, and surprisingly the little man's room smells infinitely better than when we were using disposables. I am so very glad that we were able to make the switch.


Andrea said...

I seriously need to call and talk more details about this! We have really been talking about switching with Violet too. Just seems like there are more and more reasons to use cloth and less and less reasons to use disposables. Especially because her skin is a little sensitive. Thanks for the info on your choice and places you purchased them.

Amy said...

I really do love them. Though they involve more work, in a lot of ways they seem easier to me than disposables. I am very happy we made the switch. Feel free to call/email/facebook with any questions. :)

Jenna said...

I'm a friend of Jayna's and have met you once at church, but we are having a baby in Jan and really want to use cloth diapers...but I still have no clue exactly what that entails. Could you e-mail me if you have less leaks, and how you clean and store them before you are able to wash them (and any other information you would find helpful about cloth diapering)? It's our first so any information is helpful! My e-mail is Thanks and right now your the only person I know who does cloth diapers!