Monday, June 14, 2010

New Addition to the Family

My dear friend Heather was trying to find a new home for her dog, and it looks like that home may end up being ours. Heather named her Kathryn, and in an effort to keep our Street Fighter pet names up (and keep her original name, too), I think we're going to end up calling her Cammy. The adoption papers Heather received for her indicated that she is a lab/shepherd mix. I'm pretty sure there are some other breeds in her, so we'll see what her temperament is like. So far I know she doesn't really care about dog treats, but loves attention and loves playing outside. We'll see what else we learn in the near future. I just picked her up with Ryken this morning and we plan on seeing how the next couple of days go.

cammy one
cammy two
cammy three
cammy four
cammy five

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