Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer School

school box

Ryken has been into pretend/imaginative play lately, and one of his favorite toys for this is his Little People school bus. The people go on field trips to the zoo, because we have a set of jungle theme blocks and animals. So we create a zoo, and then the bus drops everyone off to visit with the monkey, zebra, bird, etc. Well, I thought it was about time my little man had some sort of school to send all those kids to. After all, I think the Little People were getting tired of the endless zoo field trips (I figured this out when Ryken kept saying they were on their way "home" when I asked where the group was headed). So together we made a schoool house. Considing it was made out of a cardboard box and scrap paper, we'll wee how long it holds up. For now it has been a welcome addition in our living room.

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