Monday, August 15, 2011

Aven's Quilt & The NICU

The NICU is a hard place to be. A place you don't ever want to have to visit, but a place you are incredibly thankful for if your baby needs to be there. Both Ryken and Aven ended up in the same NICU, in the same hospital, for about the same length of time. We saw many of the same doctors and nurses, went through the same hopes and fears, experienced the same awe as God sovereignly cared for our kids.

With Ryken, I remember trying to find out how long until he could come home, nearly every time I found myself there. With Aven I accepted that we would never know until she was ready. With Ryken I felt like the nurses had a baby, and I got to visit him, almost as if I was a spectator. With Aven I tolerated their interference, and did what I knew to be right for my baby and myself once they were out of eyesight. (I'm amazed at how free hospital personnel feels to touch someone else's boobs in an attempt to have a new mom breastfeed in the way they feel it should happen). With Ryken I was too afraid to bring personal items for his incubator. With Aven (after 3 years of building confidence as a parent with Ryken) I had the courage to ask if I could bring in a blanket for her. Thankfully they said yes. This quilt was a very small piece of what home would be, but it was nice to see it whenever we were in the NICU. It's even nicer to see it in her room at home, now.

The transition from seeing her a couple times a day to seeing her 24/7 was an odd one. Because we live so far from the hospital, we stayed in a hotel so that we would still be able to see her several times a day. Which meant we were only able to see Ryken on occasion too. I went from seeing my son all day every day, to having a daughter and a son I saw infrequently, to having both with me at all times. No wonder my emotions are a mess, lol! No matter how drained, uncertain, hormonal, exhausted, or frustrated I get, I am always oh so glad to be home.

Quilt details: I basically foundation pieced these log cabin blocks, but I did so without using a template. I just cut rough rectangles and sewed them together, using white flannel squares as the backing instead of paper. All of the fabrics, and even the batting and ribbon, came out of my stash (I just love free quilting!). I chose green and cream colors, as it seemed fitting for a girl with an Irish name.

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Andrea said...

This is GORGEOUS! I love it and i'm sure Aven will love it for years to come. You are such a good mom and I know God will continue to protect your kids and strengthen you through each challenge. Right after I read your blog and read this post:

Just thought you might like it too. Love you!