Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Passed Down

I've been knitting a lot lately. Perhaps that's why I haven't posted all month long. You would think I would be eager to share with you some of the finished products I've completed recently. And I am. But instead I find myself revisiting a couple of blankets I knit for Ryken, that were stored away, that are in use once again with Aven. I think I like them even more the second time around.

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I think this was the first thing that I knit for Ryken. It turned out so much smaller than anticipated, but it is the perfect car seat blanket.

Blogged here.
This one is the opposite in terms of size...it's huge! But it is so helpful to have for our little miss. She loves being toasty, and it is the perfect blanket to tuck down into the sides of the crib, on top of her swaddled little self.

My goal is to post much more frequently (isn't that always my goal?). I think I just might be able to do so, now that I am finding myself settling into some sort of a routine (most days) and, though sleep is still a fantasy, I have just a bit more energy than I used to.

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Andrea said...

So happy things are getting into some sort of routine for you. Can't wait to see what you are making. Your knitting posts always make me want to learn to knit.