Friday, January 20, 2012

Christmas Crafting: Train Jammies

Ryken loves trains.  They have been a delightful obsession for him for the last couple of years.  So I bought some train fabric quite some time ago.  So long ago, in fact, that I had actually forgotten it was in my stash.  I had been waiting for just the right idea for a project for my little train fanatic.  As I was going through things I came across it and realized it was perfect for some new pajamas.

This year I initiated a new tradition for Christmas Eve.  Each year I want to make the kids something that they get to open on Christmas Eve after church, and take to bed with them that night.  Some years it may be jammies, other years maybe a knit teddy bear, or perhaps a new quilt.  Whatever it is, it'll be handmade and tucked into bed with them on Christmas Eve.  Here's what Ryken opened this Christmas Eve.


I am thrilled that he loves them. And I am impressed that he realized that Mama made the button steam going the wrong direction. Oops! Even though I missed that one he still smiles whenever he wears them, so I don't feel too bad.  I used a pair of his comfy pants as the template for these pants, and I bought a long sleeved t-shirt to applique the train onto.  The applique pattern was from this bookHere's what I've made from this book in the past.  I have become quite a fan of  Kim Schaefer.  And I am quite thankful that although Ryken is becoming quite a big boy, he is still little enough to enjoy the things I make from her patterns, too. 

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