Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Seldom If Ever Used

I knit and sewed a lot while I was pregnant with Aven.  I can still remember the excitement over being able to make stuff for a my baby girl.  I am pleased to say that some of it was, and is, used often and loved much.  This post, however, is not about those things.  It is about the things I made that I really could have done without.  Get ready, there are a lot of them.

*measure crib
*cut a huge rectangle the length of the crib & the height you want
*fold it in half
*put batting in between
*add binding along all raw edges
*figure out where you want the ties and pin them to the bumper
*tack them on with your machine
Used for a few weeks, because a wonderful friend gave me a gorgeous bumper that looked much better than this one.
Materials: old sheet, stashed batting, cotton fabric (binding), ribbon (ties)

*cut flannel a few inches larger (on all sides) than a prefold cloth diaper
*place diaper on wrong side of flannel
*sew flannel and diaper together (feel free to get creative - I just sewed a couple of straight lines) 
*fold raw edges of flannel to meet edge of diaper
*fold over again so that you have a nice hem
*edge stitch around all sides
They ended up a wee bit bulkier than I wanted.  Though I actually do (occasionally) use them in a pinch as extra padding on the changing table.
Materials: flannel and Target/Walmart prefold diaper

I only used this a couple of times (in the hospital) as my preemie and I prefer bottles.
Materials: flannel, boning, d-rings

All three were the same pattern, I just did stripes for one.  And added a flower on one and some ruffles on the other.  Super great and easy pattern.  Happy with how they turned out.  The few times my baby girl would let me put a cloth diaper on her (without screaming) they felt a bit wet on the outside after a lengthy nap.  But the main reason they weren't really used was because my sweet girl hates (seriously, hates) cloth diapers.  Sigh.
Materials: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes (brown & green), Patons Classic Wool (pink)


She wore this a couple of times.  Each time it was adorable.  But she outgrew it incredibly fast.
Materials: Patons Classic Wool

As I read it, the pattern sounded confusing.  But as I forged ahead it actually became quite clear, and I loved that there was so little seaming that needed to be done.  These photos show the only time Aven wore these pants.  As you can see they were a bit big.  So I waited just a couple of weeks.  Then I went to use them, and they were already too small.  I kept telling myself at least I got some photos of them. 
Materials: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes

I find it a bit depressing to think about all of the time spent making each stitch and securing every end...when I've used each of these things so, incredibly, sparingly.  I had hoped that each item would be used over and over, and would work well for the needs that I knew would be coming.  But alas, you never really know what your road will look like as a parent, or just what you will need on the journey.  And I am the type that over packs when traveling, and in my life in general.  But seeing all of these things motivates me to stop trying to prepare for what's coming, and just enjoy the present.

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