Monday, September 10, 2012

Sailboat Quilt

I started this quilt years ago (pattern from the book Encyclopedia of Classic Quilt Patterns).  I bought the blue fabrics on a trip to Morro Bay.  I worked on it for awhile, and then set it aside for a couple of years.  I picked it up again in order to finish it as a Mother's Day/Birthday gift for my mom, who has had a tough year. 

The hand quilting design was a combination of template (waves), tracing (rope), and hand drawing (wind).  My amazing husband made me a quilt frame in order to make the hand quilting easier.  The frame was wonderful and I loved spending time sitting at it and quilting.  But it'll be awhile before I can bring it out again, as I don't think Aven would be able to leave it alone in this phase of development.  Sometime I'll do a post on the frame itself, but for today I thought I would focus on what came off of it.

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