Friday, November 16, 2012


We have been battling one sickness after another for quite some time, but in spite of that, we managed to really enjoy some Halloween festivities.  One of the things I love is pulling out the Halloween books, and seeing how much Ryken enjoys reading them.  And because we only pull them out once a year, they're sort of like new.

Another tradition I LOVE is going to the pumpkin patch as a family.

I am so thankful that we were all well enough to spend half an hour perusing pumpkins.

Our family also had such a fun time carving pumpkins this year.  My brother graciously bought a bunch of pumpkins for us, and my mom generously and patiently kept Aven busy, so I got to carve a pumpkin, too!  Here is our handiwork.

 My brother
 Matt...1 pumkin 3 faces

I couldn't help but remember how gross I used to think scooping out the pumpkin was, since Ryken (my boy with no fear of being messy or muddy) didn't want anything to do with the guts.  For some reason I now found I was completely okay with it. 

My mom had the amazing tradition of making our Halloween costumes every year.  It was a tradition I had hoped to continue, since it was one I loved so much growing up.  But I've come to realize, and make peace with, the fact that it's a tradition that I don't think my kids will really care about.   Maybe Aven will, but at this point Ryken doesn't seem to care in the least whether I buy a costume or make one for him.  And as long as he thinks his costume is awesome, I could care less if it came out of my shopping bag or my sewing machine.

This year he had his hopes set on being a purple dragon.  I was prepared to make one, but Target amazingly had ONE Spryro costume, and it worked perfectly.  I'll admit it's much "cooler" than anything that I could probably whip up.  And Aven was Boo from the movie Monsters Inc.  All I had to buy for her were some hair elastics and a big pink shirt.  I loved that it was that easy.

We had a lot of fun at our church's Trunk Or Treat event: played a carnival game, enjoyed the bounce house, said hello to some friends, and collected some candy.  It was perfect for us.

Ryken and I had fun making some Halloween cards for a few family members (sorry, no photos, but trust me that there was a dollop of paint, a dash of glitter, and a sprinkling of googly eyes, topped off with quite a few smiles) and making Halloween Kitty Cookies.  Because everyone has been sick, we only just made the cookies last week.  Yes, a bit late, but awesome nonetheless.

I found this recipe through Pinterest.  We used Jelly Beans for the nose, since I didn't feel like hunting for cinnamon candies.

Except for health issues, I really couldn't have asked for any better ways to celebrate Halloween this year.