Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Hats

I made this hat for Ryken a little over three years ago.

And now Aven is getting to use it.  I can't believe how quickly time seems to fly.

And so my sweet Ryken has been left without a Mama made hat.  After an afternoon with some Red Heart camouflage yarn (that he picked out) and a crochet hook, he had a hat of his own again.

 Being a good sport while I take a bunch of pictures.

Getting into character as a "camo bear".

Yes, the boy loves camo.

I used this pattern which I really enjoyed.  It was well written and clearly communicated.  Overall it was a fun and quick crochet project.  After making Ryken a new hat, I felt like Aven could use a new hat of her own.  I thought about using the same pattern for her, but decided to create my own instead.  The hat I made for Ryken three years ago was my own pattern, and seeing her in that hat reminded me of how much I enjoyed creating my own patterns.  So, I created an original hat for my little girl, and I am really happy with how it turned out.  You can find the pattern here.

 As a bonus, it doubles as bowl!

Up until now I have hesitated in posting any of the patterns I have created, due to a lack of confidence on my part.  One of the things that motherhood has really helped me with is building that confidence, more than I ever thought possible.  So I've decided to start offering some of the patterns that I have created here.  You'll be able to find them with the label "Patterns From Pieces".  They won't be offered all that often, but when I do post them, I hope you enjoy!


Micah said...

Love the hats and so glad you enjoyed using my versatile eaflap hat pattern for the camo hat :)

Amy said...

Thank you, and I did!