Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Past: Ryken's Blanket

Next up for revisiting what I made for Christmas gifts last year is Ryken's Christmas Eve gift.

I had intended to make him some small stuffed animals out of the super soft fabric I used for backing this blanket.  But after a few hours of struggling with those patterns, I decided to completely change directions and make him a blanket.  I had purchased the train fabric while we were in Williams Arizona, where we took the train to the Grand Canyon.  He had helped pick out the fabric, and I had been saving it for something special.  And luckily I had the green flannel stashed.

I essentially did a giant applique of the train fabric onto the green flannel, then quilted around it once I had sewn the top and backing together.  Incredibly simple, and a perfect change of pace after feeling defeated by tiny pattern pieces.

Just like his sister's Christmas Eve blanket from last year, this blanket has been in his bed nearly every night from last Christmas Eve til today.  And whether or not he cherishes the tradition I am so, very, thrilled that he enjoys snuggling this blanket night after night.  

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