Thursday, July 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday KMP Style

Aven attempted a girls ballet class several months ago.  The first 20 minutes I saw nothing but smiles.  And then, in an instant, I saw nothing but tears.  We tried a second class and she was as miserable as she was at the end of the previous class.  The staff was wonderful, the class was wonderfully imaginative and sweet.  It just wasn't for her.  Before her 20 minutes of ballet bliss she had requested that I make her a tutu.  Specifically a blue poofy tutu.  Although I spent my own years in ballet despising tutu's, I had a surprisingly good time making one for her.  And an even better time watching her dance around the house in it.  Though ballet is no longer on her radar, she still loves the tutu.  Which makes for a happy mama.  I had enough tulle left over to make some matching hair clips and a wand.  There are lots of great YouTube videos on making "No Sew Tutus" so if you're interested in making one, I'd suggest perusing them until you find the method that works best for you.  It's what I did, and it worked out perfectly.  For my beautiful non-ballerina and me.

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